Don’t lose out before you move out!.

Don’t lose out before you move out!

When coming to the end of your tenancy agreement, there are multiple things you need to consider before handing your keys back. Organisation is everything when it comes to packing up and moving out, but if you don’t pay close attention to cleaning the property, you could lose out on a significant portion of your deposit. General cleaning is important, but to make sure every penny is returned to you, pay special attention to three problem areas.

Dirt left on the inside of an oven is the most common cause of deposit losses when you leave a rented property, and possibly the most costly. Oven cleaners are easily available nowadays, whether you’re in need of a quick cleaner, or an overnight solution for ingrained stains. The chemicals used can be potent, however, so ensure to take care at all times.

The bathroom may seem like an easier room to clean, with a wide range of products available to help, however by missing even the smallest details you could be losing pennies from your deposit. If the grouting surrounding your bath and shower isn’t spick and span you could be charged. The same applies for any lime scale on the shower head, or taps.

From walls to floors, any sight of marks and stains could be a black mark against you in the eyes of the landlord. Whilst carpet cleaning can be easily done with the right cleaning products, or through a specialised carpet cleaner, wall marks can be trickier to fix. A professional cleaning may be the best way to remove these stains, however if they are particularly stubborn, you may need to consider adding a lick of paint.

Scrubbles is a Bristol based, on-demand, cleaning company dedicated to providing you with high-quality cleaning services. Your satisfaction and security is our priority. If you require help with end-of-tenancy cleaning, or for any other cleaning services, why not get in touch?

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