End of Tenancy & Light Cleaning.

End of tenancy

At Scrubbles, we’ve spent years perfecting our EOT service to deliver exactly what’s required from an end of tenancy clean, at a price people can afford. Our main focus is always on quality and reliability. That means getting things right the first time and never letting a customer down. We’re very proud of the fact that we’ve never missed a clean and intend to keep things that way.

However, we do live in the real world and from time to time things will go wrong, mistakes will be made or equipment will fail. This is unavoidable, but what we do when things do go wrong is what separates us from the competition. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will revisit any property to rectify issues free of charge (although we’ve only had to do this once). The reason this is so rare is because we understand the time constraints involved with EOT cleaning. More often than not there isn’t time for second visits, so we have a supervisor travel to check and sign off every single property we tackle.

What do we actually do?

To give you a sense of what’s included in our EOT service, here’s a breakdown of what we do:

All areas:

  • Dust floor to ceiling
  • Clean surfaces
  • Wash woodwork (skirting boards, doors)
  • Vacuum floors/carpets
  • Mop floors
  • Inside of all windows
  • Disinfect all touch points


  • Treat taps/fixings/shower screens for limescale
  • Clean toilet and treat for hard water
  • Treat silicone/grout for mould
  • Remove hair/debris from plugs
  • Wash tiles


  • Wipe all cupboard fronts and kickboards
  • Clean inside of cupboards
  • Clean all worktops
  • Treat sink and taps for limescale
  • Degrease areas



  • Light bulbs
  • Mattress protectors
  • Shower curtains
  • Toilet brush
  • Smoke detector batteries
  • Extractor Filters

Light Cleaning

We recognise that not every property warrants a deep clean. To cater for this, we offer a light cleaning service which brings all the benefits of having a professional clean, at a substantially lower cost. This service is designed to take a property from fairly clean to professionally clean, ticking all the boxes the next tenant or buyer would expect to be ticked prior to moving in. Therefore, it is often a fantastic way to give your property the edge over others, or to ensure that you receive your full deposit upon moving out.

How does this differ from an End of Tenancy Clean?

This is the key question to bear in mind when booking a professional clean with Scrubbles. Our light clean service essentially covers everything you can see when you first walk into a room. Surfaces, windows and floors will be sparkling, but areas such as inside kitchen cupboards wont be covered. It is also important to remember that light cleaning only gives a great result at properties which already have a good standard of cleanliness, therefore if you’re not sure which to book, it’s always best to contact us for advice.

Bespoke Light Cleaning

All our services are bespoke in the respect that they can be altered to meet your specific needs, prioritising the areas that need the most attention and leaving those which you’re already happy with. Our light cleaning service is arguably the most practical example of this approach, because it allows our customers to instruct very specific ‘finishing touches’ tasks to bring their property up to scratch without breaking the bank. To summarise, our light cleaning service can include exactly what’s needed, and if you’re not sure what’s needed, we’re always happy to conduct a free in-person walkaround & quotation for you.

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