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Bristol Film & Television

Back in November we received a last minute call to clean the set of Bristol Film and Television’s latest production. We were tasked with turning round numerous production trailers including costume, makeup and office spaces. With COVID19 at the forefront of our minds and the production staff arriving at 11am, our team was on site and working hard by 5.30am.

The pouring rain and muddy conditions made it difficult to transition between trailers without walking dirt throughout the site or ruining equipment, but we took things in our stride and made steady progress. By 9.30am our team mopped the last floor and we were ready for our final inspections. Considering the extra attention COVID demanded, we were incredibly pleased with the results we’d achieved in such a short time and headed back to Bristol to take on the next job.

We’re always keen to take on new challenges and this was certainly one we took in our stride. Bristol F&T were pleased with the service we provided and we look forward to working together on future projects.

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