How to vacuum stairs correctly.

How to vacuum stairs correctly

If your staircase is fully carpeted and your household is a busy one, it will see plenty of action. Vacuuming correctly is essential to keep your carpeting looking fresh and can also prevent dirty tracks from forming on the stairs. Footpaths on the stairs can eventually lead to the carpet becoming worn and thin, a problem made worse by accumulated dirt wearing down the carpet fibres.
Here’s a guide on the correct way to vacuum and deep clean your staircase carpet.

Change the bag or empty the cylinder

Before you begin, check to see that the vacuum cleaner bag is not full or that the cylinder is empty. It’s important to do this because a full bag or cylinder will contain bacteria that will begin to smell unpleasant when you start the vacuum cleaner. If the cleaner is malodorous, you may also need to wash the filters before you start.

Use the nozzle and don’t forget corners

If you look closely at the corners of your staircase treads, you will notice a build-up of dust and fluff. Start vacuuming at the top of the staircase, using the hose and crevice tool attachment to get right into the corners of each thread, and run along the edges too.
Change the nozzle for the horizontal brush and work your way back up the stairs, vacuuming the horizontal surface of each one as you go. Turn the nozzle upside down and go over the stairs again, vacuuming the vertical surface in an up-and-down motion.

In conclusion

You can help to prevent your staircase carpet from becoming worn and grubby by vacuuming it every other day, following the guidelines given above. If your busy life doesn’t allow for this, why not contact Scrubbles? Their helpful team of professional cleaners will keep your whole home spick and span, including your stairs.

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